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The French American School of Denver (FASDenver) is a tuition-free charter school authorized by Denver Public Schools,

open to students from Denver and surrounding cities. 

In the 2022-2023 school year, we will serve Kindergarten to 4th grade students,

and we will add an additional grade level each year until we reach full build-out as a K-8 school by 2026. 



The French American School of Denver is an elementary charter school authorized under Denver Public Schools. 

New Families (or new siblings of current families) must apply through the DPS SchoolChoice process outlined below to secure their spot. Click the corresponding  button below.  


 For all new students (including siblings of existing students), you will use the Denver Public School unified one-application, one-deadline system called DPS SchoolChoice which has helped simplify enrollment for families, and ensures your child an equitable chance at being able to enroll in our school.  Language and Immersion schools tend to fill available spots very quickly, so don't miss your chance.  

Round 2 for the 2022-23 school year is currently open until August 31.  Families wishing to join after that date may still do so - please contact the school for further details. 

1.  LEARN more about our school through our website, virtual gallery, or in-person during our weekly tours. 

DPS School Finder 

Enrollment Guide ​

2.  APPLY through the Parent Portal. To ensure your best chance of acceptance, rank the French American School as your #1 school choice (you can rank multiple schools) using the online SchoolChoice application. Fill out an online application for each individual student and sibling that you wish to have attend our school next year.  


3.  REGISTER with the French American School in March/April after you receive your school placement results. Waitlisted candidates will be contacted if spots open, but waitlist results do not carry over from year to year.  

Need Assistance?  
Phone:  720-423-3493 (DPS School Choice Hotline)


Video:  Short School Choice Video  

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Early exposure to a second language capitalizes on a child’s innate language-learning abilities, natural enthusiasm, and curiosity for learning.