Kind Words From Our Community

Hear what our community has to say about their experience being a part of the French American School of Denver family!

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"Compared to a regular public school, being able to challenge our child with the gift of academics set in an immersion setting takes an ordinary education and makes it extraordinary.  We've loved the weekly walking field trips to the nearby parks, and the magic of watching our child speak a language that we can't."



We are so excited that Denver now has a public French Immersion program. Being a part of FASDenver’s first year as a public charter school has been an extraordinary experience – we have been able to get involved from the ground up with an amazing group of families passionate about learning a second language. Our son is in 3rd grade and wakes up every single day excited to go to school. The French teachers are all exceptionally qualified, and my son is thriving in the dual language environment. Creative art projects line the walls (and ceilings!) of the school, and students are also learning about the many other countries and cultures that speak French outside of France, giving our kids a unique global perspective. Having this tuition-free option for our child’s education has been a gift for our family!

Wendy Fisher
3rd Grade Parent


"The French School is in its first year, which means that there is a 'start up' vibe and energy to the program that is unique in my experience. Parents have an opportunity to participate and volunteer in ways that don't exist at other schools - which provides our family with really cool ways of active involvement in our children's education. I think any language program provides an edge socially and academically, but the unique nature of the French School is unmatched in Denver right now. Also my kid has started correcting my French accent, which is both hilarious and shocking."

Kindergartener Parent 


We wanted our kids to learn a second language and were thrilled to find the French American School of Denver. FASD is a tuition-free public charter school that offers French immersion programs. Our daughter attends and loves her school. It is remarkable how much French she has learned while also continuing her development of English and other academics. She brings home her language skills, often playing with her sister in French which is so fun. We love the curriculum, caliber of the team, and most of all the community we've become a part of.

Mark Erickson
Kindergarten Parent


"My daughter attends FASD and it’s been an absolute joy watching and hearing her continue her French education. She has loved every minute and we look forward to the great experiences FASD has and will present to her.

Kevin Zirlin
3rd Grade Parent


"My two boys attend the French American School of Denver and come home happy love each day! I am so grateful they have the opportunity to learn at such a unique school, and it makes me so happy when I catch them quietly singing a song in French that they learned at school or when they share a a detailed fact they learned. They spend most of their day learning in French from the most amazing native French teachers, so much so that they won't even let me speak or read to them in French anymore, because their French has far surpassed my basic understanding, thanks to FASD and the wonderful teachers. To have a free public school with such amazing educators in Denver is truly a gift and I am thrilled to support FASD and watch the school continue grow."

Erin Hellstrom
3rd Grade Parent


My daughter loves her teachers and classmates at the French American School of Denver! She had been exposed to French a bit before starting here, but her progress in just five short months has been incredible. Her accent now is native-sounding, she knows a lot of vocabulary, and she is writing in French cursive. The student body is made up of children from diverse backgrounds, and the globally-inspired mission and vision of the school will help our children to develop a broader world perspective and appreciation of other cultures.

As a former adult ESL teacher, teacher trainer, curriculum designer, and administrator, I know the inherent value of bilingual immersion education based on the rigorous French curriculum. I also appreciate the school's commitment to hiring native French speakers who are trained to deliver the highest quality French instruction as well as American teachers who are highly experienced and credentialed in English and SPED. This school is unique because it's the first public charter French immersion school in Denver, and it's tuition-free and centrally-located for Denver parents. We actually 'choiced' into FASD and are commuting from Westminster for our kids to have this language immersion opportunity. 

Marie Elalem
2nd Grade Parent


​"In touring the school I noticed the lack of a traditional jungle gym on the playground, but our kids have never noticed the lack. They spend the entire recess running and playing with the enrichment toys and activities.


There's been a year-long game of soccer which apparently occasionally devolves into Calvin Ball (if you get that reference). And it seems to have made their trips to the playgrounds even more of a special treat by comparison. 


I really appreciate the 3 recesses for all grades, and the weekly field trips to the park."

Rising 1st Grade Parent


My 3rd grader is making tremendous progress in both French and English. (We speak English at home.)


Because FASD has returned to research-driven, world-class, predominantly paper-and-pencil curricula. Textbooks. Composition books to practice handwriting and cursive and writing. Native teachers with high standards who speak professional English and French. Actual classroom activities that encourage increased attention spans (i.e. extremely limited screen time). It all makes a huge difference in how much a kid learns and retains knowledge. Such a refreshing, tuition-free option in Denver/DPS!!!!

Julie Hewlett Burck
3rd Grade Parent

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