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Parent Teacher Organization
L'Organisation des Parents d'Élèves

Your help is always welcome and needed!  FASD is looking for new members to our leadership team!  Please contact

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L'Organisation des Parents d'

Next PTO Meeting: Wednesday, December 7th, 6:00pm - Virtual

Sign up today on Bloomz to volunteer your time, cooking skills, or other talents for the International Holiday Market. 

Up Next:  Our International Holiday Market on December 9th! 

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Help Support Your Child's School

Volunteer Opportunities

If you anticipate volunteering directly at the school with children, reach out to us at with your full name,  email address and phone number, and our vendor Sterling Volunteers will send you a free background link.  This is a brief online application that is very fast (about 3 minutes!) and is free of charge. 


PTO Leadership & School Committees


Committee Leads

Special Events Committee:  

Julia Erlbaum


Playground Committee Lead: 

Sarah May

Teacher Appreciation Committee:  Maggie Rittenhouse

Teacher Support Committee

Committee Lead Position Open

Arts Appreciation Committee:

Erin Lassahn Hellstrom

PTO Membership Committee:

Sarah Bates

Library Committee:

Committee Lead Position Open

We welcome and encourage active participation by more of our parent community. It takes a village! Please consider leading a committee or joining as a committee member!


Room Parents


Alexandra Goblet

& Nicholas Perocheau


Anna Chehtova

1st Grade:  

Laura Landgreen

1st Grade

Amanda Bacon


2nd Grade:

Audrey Dumas 

3rd Grade:

Marta Granda Paris 

4th Grade

Laure Demond