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Uniform + Dress Code

We have found that a dress code encourages a harmonious student community and creates an atmosphere that is more focused on learning. Students are also less apt to judge (or be judged!) based on appearance. As an added bonus,  uniforms are economical and can save families money on school clothes!


Where to Shop

Uniform pieces can be purchased at a variety of retailers and price points including The Children's Place, Old Navy, Target, French Toast, Goodwill, and Walmart. 


Opportunities to obtain free uniform items may occur during planned uniform swap events where students may obtain gently used uniforms for free. 

Our simple and affordable uniform is REQUIRED for all students.  Absent medical or legal exemptions, students must wear:

  • Collared tops (long or short sleeved) in white, navy blue or burgundy and can be either of the polo or button-down variety.

  • Bottoms in navy, khaki or gray, and may include pants, shorts, skorts, skirts, jumpers, or dresses. 

  • Additional items should be in school colors. 

  • All items should be plain without brand names, insignia, manufacturers' logos or graphics.

  • Hats may not be worn indoors. 

  • Denim is not permitted.

  • We do not require the FASDenver logo.


Attire should not disrupt the school’s learning environment, and must meet reasonable standards of cleanliness and show respect for others.  Please make sure to read the full details of the dress code in the Student Family Handbook below.

We’ve included a few representative pictures below for use as reference. 

** Occasional free dress days, spirit wear days and other fun attire days occur throughout the year!

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