Covid-19 Safety

The French American School of Denver uses a variety of overlapping prevention and mitigation strategies to protect the health of our students and staff.  


Our goal is to maintain in-person learning.  Please do your part to protect our community during the year and keep your child or children at home if they are sick or are experiencing symptoms of a transmissible illness.

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Read the latest DPS Safety Protocols and our updated COVID Decision Tree and COVID Guidance and our COVID Protocol Data for our school.  As CDC and DPS guidance changes, school protocols will be reviewed and revised. 

Interested in helping advise on safety protocols for the school?  Get in touch with the "Ad Hoc COVID Committee" which helps advise the school, and is made up of health professionals, the Head of School, the Co-Chair of the PTO, and parents. 


Mask Wearing

Masks are no longer required inside the building for students and staff.  Staff, parents and students may opt to continue wearing masks if that is their preference. 

When masks were required earlier in the year, we were fortunate to participate in the Colorado State Mask Program.  Through that program, we provided a monthly supply of KN-95 disposable masks to every student and staff member at no cost.  Those masks were usually handed mid-month depending on supply chain.  In the event that masks again become mandatory, we will try and stay involved in this free mask program.  


Each child was also given a lanyard to help keep track of masks during recess, and lanyards provide an alternate method of wearing (tightening to head instead of over ears).


Additional Protocols

French American School Protocols Include: 

  • Stand-alone HEPA filters in each classroom for as long as needed.

  • Hand-sanitizing stations in each classroom, at entrances, and other areas throughout building.

  • Opening windows in classrooms wherever possible - even if it means we all wear warmer clothing inside during colder months.

  • Free rapid test kits available at front desk for symptomatic staff and students while supplies last.

  • Communicating directly with families and DPS regarding known positive COVID-19 cases as appropriate.

  • Cleaning high-touch areas of school during high community-transmission outbreaks.  

  • Placing emphasis on proper hand-washing technique and frequency.


Reminder:  Free COVID-19 testing is still available for everyone by going to

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Order Free Rapid Tests (Federal Program) Here

A limited number of free rapid test kits are available at the front desk for symptomatic staff and students while supplies last.  

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Community Resources

Safety Is Everyone's Responsibility

Wash Your Hands

Encourage your children to practice good hand-washing technique at school and home:  




Adequate Time  

This is an important life skill regardless of COVID.  

Wear a Mask 

Love them or hate them, masks and vaccines may be our collective best defense against COVID transmission. 

Masks are now optional


When they are worn, please ensure your child's mask fits properly and is worn over their nose and mouth. 

Best parenting tip we've heard to acclimate to a mask:  Have your kids practice wearing a mask properly while distracted by their favorite television program!  

Keep Distance

We know the best advice from doctors and scientists:  



Fresh Air

Please encourage your children to be mindful of others' space when community COVID levels are high.