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Annual Fund
+ Fundraising Opportunities

We are Denver's only public school which offers tuition-free French immersion.  Because our school is unique, we require special staffing and materials to ensure the highest quality instruction.

The shortfall between what DPS provides and what FASDenver needs is $1,500 per student.  This is why families who choose 

 Direct Giving or to host Fundraisers for our school make such a difference - not just in their own child's education, but in lifting the outlook for all students. 


Please give as generously as you can.  



Like most public schools, the French American School of Denver has established an
Annual Fund to help bridge the shortfall.  We ask you to direct your charitable dollars this year towards sustaining
quality language immersion education for your children.

Is there an amount you can give which you won't miss?  For many of us, the $1500 per person shortfall represents less than what we once paid monthly in daycare or preschool costs.  Won't you consider donating at least that amount to child's education for the year?  You'll be amazed at how far we can stretch your dollars! 

Annual Fund

Annual Fund

FASDenver is a 501 C3 non-profit educational organization.

Our EIN Number is: 84-4652195.  All donations are tax deductible.   

Your gift enables us to: 


  • Retain our highly specialized staff and provide supports; 

  • Offer upgraded technology for our scholars;

  • Fund special projects (including playground additions); and

  • Provide ongoing teacher training and support.  

While we understand that not 100% of our families to each give $1,500, we do hope 100% of
families will participate in some way. Our students and staff benefit every day from your
contributions of any size, and, when outside funders and grant organizations use the overall level of internal support as a key metric, making them more likely to fund us.


Ways to Participate/Give:

  • Give a one-time gift of $1,500 to “bridge the gap” for your child

  • Sponsor a one-time gift of $1500 for another child at the school

  • Set up a monthly donation, ranging from $5 per month upwards 

  • Consider dedicating one more year of your former preschool / daycare or private school tuition dollars towards your child's public education.  

  • Contribute to the “Changemakers Campaign” and bring in your loose change

  • Secure a "Corporate Match" from your employer (many companies have this!)

  • Forward this link to YOUR network.  Ask grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends to support both public education and your child. 

  • Make a stock contribution for further tax benefits

  • Host a high-value fundraiser that directs funds to FAS-Denver


Donate Time

+ Expertise

We have an active Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) which can help match your time, talent and
experience towards the highest value need.  Skill sets that are in high demand include: 

- Outreach, advertising and marketing
- Website Management (on Wix)
- Pro Bono Attorney

- PTO Leadership

- PTO Active Volunteer

- Spring Gala Fundraiser! 


Create, Host or Run a Fundraiser

Small, ongoing donations throughout the year really add up.  When families host a fundraiser - everyone's child benefits!

Examples include:

- 'Fun Run' where families & friends sponsor their student.  The hype and competition amongst students can be a sight to see!! 

- Professional Service Fundraiser, such as FASD parent Erin Lassahn Photography's photoshoot during our Boo-Tastic Halloween event). 

- Own a bakery? A food truck? A coffee cart?  Put them to good use on behalf of your child's education!

- Have another idea? Get in touch!

Donate Time + Expertise
Create/Host Fundraiser
Folded Newspapers

Corporate Sponsorship

Are you or your company looking for ways to get in front of a target customer base?  Does your company have dedicated community support dollars that can be directed to support education? 
Bring visibility to your business through corporate sponsorship!  This is a targeted, captive and engaged audience for your business.  

Corporate sponsorship levels start at $250 for inclusion on our website and
thank you newsletters, and range up to $2500 for a sign placement on our school
fence for the academic year.

Corporate Sponsorship
a woman pushes a shopping cart in a grocery store
Donate while you shop

I was going to buy that anyway...

Leverage companies' community programs to send dollars directly to your child's education for every purchase that you make.  The amounts truly do add up! 

Direct your "Amazon Smile" program to the French American School of Denver and .5% of eligible purchases comes to your child's community.  It takes just a few clicks to setup in your Amazon account and the money is directed automatically.

Watch the newsletter and events page  for opportunities to dine out at sponsoring local restaurants on nights when a percentage of net sales are donated to our school - a win for local restaurants and your child!

Collect Digital Box Tops! The new and improved Box Tops mobile app uses state-of-the-art technology to scan your store receipt, find participating products and instantly add Box Tops to Teller’s earnings online. If you see the Scan Your Receipt Box Tops label on a product you’ve purchased, use the new app to scan your receipt. These Box Tops are worth 10¢ each for our school. For more information, visit


Watch this space to learn how to link grocery store loyalty cards to our school.  

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