Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequent questions we hear from our prospective families.  We invite you to reach out to us directly for additional information or to arrange a time to come in person and tour our school.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Charter School?

Charter schools are independently-operated public schools that have the freedom to design classrooms that meet their students needs and allow for greater flexibility in designing a bespoke mission. All charter schools operate under a contract with a charter school authorizer; in our case, Denver Public Schools, whom holds them accountable to the high standards outlined in their “charter.” As a charter school under the purview of Denver Public Schools, the French American School of Denver does not charge any admission fees or tuition.

Does DPS or French American School provide transportation?

At this time, neither DPS nor FASDenver transportation is available. The school, however, is centrally located en-route for many neighborhood commuters, and many families have expressed their delight at the ease of location for drop-off and pickup. FASDenver suggestions carpooling when possible, and RTD resources are available to our families. Our central location offers convenient access via RTD bus routes along Colfax Avenue, 17th/18th Avenues and York Street.

Are families required to reside within Denver City limits to attend?

We are proud to welcome families residing in Denver Public School boundaries as well as those living in districts outside of DPS lines. Indeed many of our families hale from outside of Denver's boundaries. Regardless of locale, all families apply through the Denver Public School (DPS) SchoolChoice process.

Are Lunch + Breakfast provided?

LUNCH: The French American School is offering the opportunity to sign up for a daily, hot, balanced and healthy meal through our partnership with the catering vendor 'My Kid's Lunch' at no cost to students. A representative menu is located at "Breakfast + Lunch" under the Students+Family section. Children eat lunch in a communal setting around large tables (spaced appropriately for Covid health protocols) and parents are actively encouraged to volunteer during lunch periods to help foster our sense of community and support our teaching staff. BREAKFAST: Breakfast is provided through a catering vendor 'My Kid's Lunch' at no cost to students. Breakfasts are served to students who have signed up for this option shortly after the first bell rings. A representative menu is located at "Breakfast + Lunch" under the Students+Family section.

How many students are in each class?

Projected class size is 26 students. Kindergarten classes are staffed with one full-time teacher and one full time para-professional for a 13:1 ratio. Classes grades 1 through 4 will each have a full-time teacher.

We don't speak French at home in our family; can we still apply?

Of course! We welcome non-French speaking families to the French American School of Denver. If your child does not have prior knowledge of French, we will provide supplemental French education during the school day as appropriate. Immersion education is suitable for all students regardless of primary language(s) spoken.

Is there a required dress code or school uniform?

Yes. All children grades K through 4 wear a simple uniform, which we feel helps students develop a sense of belonging and cohesion. Important in child development, wearing a uniform means that students aren't under peer pressure when it comes to their clothes, simply allowing a child's personality to shine through. FASDenver's uniforms include the classic colors of navy, white, tan, or burgundy, and can be purchased at a variety of stores OR picked up for during uniform swap events. Please see the uniform page under the "Students & Family" tab for a specific uniform details and descriptions and representative pictures.

What Age does my child need to be to start Kindergarten?

Per Denver Public Schools policy, children must be 5 years old by October 1 of the school year they wish to enroll in Kindergarten.

Does the French American School of Denver charge tuition?

The French American School of Denver (FASDenver) is a public charter school and therefore there is no tuition or admission fees associated with attending our school. In Colorado, full-day kindergarten is also tuition-free.

With the addition of 2 more classes for 2022-23, will the school be located in the same building? What are the plans for expansion?

The school can create two new classrooms for the additional 1st grade class and the new 4th grade class at the current location at 2280 East 16th Avenue, fulfilling the original intent for this site, a 2-year occupancy. A current classroom used as teachers' offices/workroom would be converted back to a classroom and one of the larger classrooms currently used by L'Ecole would become a FASDenver classroom. The existing library would be repurposed to be the second L'Ecole classroom due to its smaller size. Library materials would still be available for students, but would not be housed in the current location. The school is looking at available properties in the City Park/Whittier areas, basically within a one mile radius of the school, for possible expansion. Based on FASDenver's original charter application to the DPS Board of Education, this is the agreed area the school can and will be located. There are no plans for the school to locate outside of the approved area, nor are there plans to apply for an area location change with the DPS Board of Education. Depending on facility conditions, needs for renovation, and lease negotiations, for the 2022-23 school year the French American School of Denver could either be in its current location or in a new location.