Meet Our Team

We might be a new school, but our experienced team is certainly not new to education and French immersion instruction.

Tara Bardeen, Interim Executive Director

“Immersion education is powerful tool for eliminating academic gaps, enhancing student achievement and giving our students the skills and perspective to be successful global citizens.”

Tara brings a unique blend of skills from both the business and education worlds with her experience as a Chinese language program founder, classroom teacher, professional curriculum writer and entrepreneur. She is also trilingual in English, French and Mandarin. Learn more about Tara.

Halley Joseph, Executive Director Coach

Mrs. Halley Joseph joined G & Consulting Group, LLC in September of 2020.  Her background includes years as an elementary classroom teacher at various levels, several years as an instructional leader and over 14 years as a school principal/ CEO. She earned her M.ED in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment at the American College of Education.  Mrs. Halley Joseph has extensive experience with Charter Schools including being a founding teacher and Principal at a charter school in Colorado Springs and then as a turnaround principal for a HS located in Southwest Denver. Mrs. Halley Joseph exemplifies, positive, professional leadership that makes a difference in the lives of students and staff.

Emmanuel Bidan, Director of Curriculum

“I firmly believe that learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.”

Experienced French immersion educator, certified teacher trainer and school program leader. Emmanuel has 20+ years of experience working in French immersion schools and has taught every grade K – 6. Learn more about Emmanuel.

Our Teaching Staff

Hélène Chaveriat – Kindergarten

Hélène is currently teaching Kindergarten for the French Ministry of Education in the public school of Puy-Saint-Martin (Saint-Julien-en-Genevois) in France and has been an elementary school teacher in France and also in French immersion schools in Singapore and Malaysia for the past 7 years. She holds a Master’s in Education and a Bachelor’s in Physical Education (with a focus on swimming) and brings experience teaching French as foreign language. Outside of school, Hélène loves sports and specifically enjoys running, mountain biking and the outdoors.

Agnès Crépy – Kindergarten

Agnès is currently a school principal and teacher for the French Ministry of Education in the town of Ugine in France and has been a teacher in public elementary schools for 22 years. She holds a Master’s in Sciences and Geology and has experience teaching children from preschool to 5th grade in multi-grade classes, which has given her great skills in differentiating her instruction based on each student’s needs. She also taught French as a foreign language to young Afghan refugees for two years. Agnès is passionate about exchanging best teaching practices with other colleagues and university researchers through a local group she co-created. Outside of school, Agnès enjoys traveling with her family and playing board games.

Marie Poirat – 1st Grade

Marie is currently teaching 1st and 2nd grade for the French Ministry of Education in the public school of Marc et Rosalie Jullien in Chatuzange-le-Goubet in France. She holds a Master of Sciences in Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Sports and tourism. She brings experience teaching children with special needs and tailoring her teaching tools to the needs of each child. Marie worked in tourism in different countries including Guatemala and Bulgaria before becoming a teacher and following the path of her parents who were both public school teachers. Outside of school, Marie enjoys hiking in the Alps with her family, mountain biking, camping, reading, and spending time cooking and drawing with her two kids. 

Christel Munoz – 2nd Grade

Christel is currently teaching 4th grade for the French Ministry of Education at the public elementary school of La Plaine in Tignieu Jamezieu, France and brings 13 years of experience teaching grades preschool through 5th. She holds two Masters, one in Primary School Teaching and the other in Physical Education. She has some prior experience in the US with a school internship in Virginia and as a summer camp counselor for teenagers traveling through California, Utah, Nevada and Arizona. Outside of school, Christel loves reading and traveling as well as skiing, hiking, running and artistic swimming.

Stéphanie Agresti – 3rd Grade

Stéphanie is currently a Special Education teacher supporting all 
teachers in the elementary school of J. Balmat in Chamonix, France. She brings 23 years of experience teaching all levels from preschool through 5th grade. She holds an Engineering degree in Agriculture, a Master’s degree in Education, a teaching license for Special Education and a teaching 
licence for French as a Foreign Language. She brings a wealth of 
expertise in differentiating instruction to ensure that each child’s individual needs are met. Outside of school, she loves reading, travelling and sports such as mountaineering, rock climbing, backcountry skiing, biking and hiking.

Emily Taylor – English Teacher/ELD

Emily has spent the past 7 years teaching 3rd grade at the Denver Green School. During this time, she has written and taught her own Common Core-based curriculum. Emily holds a BA in International and Global Relations with a focus on the Francophone world, and two Masters degrees from the University of Colorado Denver in Educational Psychology and Curriculum and Instruction. Emily recently achieved National Board Certification in Literacy for Early and Middle Childhood. She received her teaching license from the Stanley British Primary Teacher Prep Program in 2012. As a Denver native who grew up in Congress Park, Emily enjoys hiking, camping, skiing and playing outside with her husband, daughter and dog.

More Staff Profiles Coming Soon!