Classroom Building Tours

Take a peek inside our school’s main classroom building (2280 E. 16th Ave.) and hear about our plans to get it refreshed and ready for August 2020.  We want to ensure that all Interested families are able to take advantage of this brief visit, so sessions will be 20 minutes and tour times MUST be reserved in advance. Space is limited. Click to reserve your spot!

Tours on Tuesday, February 11th, 2020:

RSVP for 5:00-5:20

RSVP for 5:30-5:50

RSVP for 6:00-6:20

Tours on Sunday, February 16th, 2020:

RSVP for 12:00p

RSVP for 12:30p

RSVP for 1p

Additional tour dates and times will be added as possible.

Building Floor Plans

As our future classroom building has been a school before, the modifications we’ll need to complete before opening are very straight forward. We’ll remove some partition walls that had been used to divide spaces into offices, and then refresh the carpet, paint and decor. Outside, we’ll expand the outdoor play space. Our facilities team has had multiple experts tour the space and all confirm that the scope of work is achievable in the given timeframe and we will be ready on the first day of school in August.

Existing Conditions (Click to enlarge)

Design Concept (Click to enlarge)

Outdoor Play Space Concept

Our current design for the extended outdoor space includes a turf area and play structure suitable for elementary and middle school students.